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SPECT/CT explorations: dose from low-dose CT and radiopharmaceutica

Annals of Nuclear Medicine April 2013
Estimation of the total effective dose from low-dose CT scans and radiopharmaceutical administrations delivered to patients undergoing SPECT/CT explorationsCarlos MontesPilar TamayoJorge HernandezFelipe Gomez-CamineroSofia García, Carlos MartínAngela Rosero3
Hybrid imaging, such as SPECT/CT, is used in routine clinical practice, allowing coregistered images of the functional and structural information provided by the two imaging modalities. However, this multimodality imaging may mean that patients  areexposed to a higher radiation dose than those receiving  SPECT alone.
Objectives The study aimed to determine the radiation exposure of patients who had undergone SPECT/CT examinations and to relate this to the Background Equivalent Radiation Time (BERT).
145 SPECT/CT studies were used to estimate the total effective dose to patients due to both radiopharmaceutical administrations and low-dose CT scans. The CT contribution was estimated by …