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Guidelines on Nomenclature in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

A Working Group (WG) on ‘Nomenclature in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and related areas’ was established to achieve clarification of terms and to generate consensus on the utilization of a standardized nomenclature pertinent to our field. After conducting a worldwide survey the WG is now making available a document entitled, "Guidelines on Nomenclature in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry" to gain feedback about the proposed recommendations and to discuss any further issues requiring clarification:
SI units for radioactivity measurement, i.e. Bq (MBq, GBq etc.), should be used...
The often used lab-jargon “hot” and “cold” must not be used instead of the correct terms "radioactive” and “non-radioactive”.. Examples of correct and incorrect descriptions of isotopically labelled compounds....

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