European Standards: Training for Nuclear Medicine

En 1994, la European Union of Medical Specialist (UEMS) adoptó su "Charter on Post Graduate Training" con el objetivo de establecer los principios rectores para la formación médica de alto nivel con un enfoque europeo en el campo de la Formación de Posgrado.

El documento, formado por seis capítulos, cinco comunes a todas las especialidades, proporciona un sexto capítulo, conocido como "Capítulo 6", que cada Especialidad redacta de acuerdo a las necesidades específicas de su disciplina.

Training Requirements for the Specialty of Nuclear Medicine European Standards of Postgraduate Medical Specialist Training (old chapter 6)

Algunos detalles del documento
The trainee must complete a minimum of 3,000 documented diagnostic procedures. The minimum recommended number for each procedure is as follows:
a) Oncology 800 (80% at least PET or PET/CT)
b) Bone and joint 600 (50% at least SPECT or SPECT/CT)
c) Cardiovascular 400
d) Endocrinology 300
e) Neurology 200
f) Respiratory system (50% combined V/Q) 100
g) Urinary and GI track 100
h) Others or additional from the above 500
It is recommended that at least 150 procedures have been performed in pediatric patients

The trainee must take part in at least 100 therapeutic procedures.

Dedicated training in cross-sectional imaging using CT and MRI is highly recommended.